Think before you speak

Think before you speak

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Lunch with a view

Went out with two of my sisters for lunch earlier today. We had Japanese – at Kaizen. Our younger sister (and brother – but he doesn’t eat Sushi anyway) couldn’t join us because they had school. As for myself, and one of my sisters, lectures start next Monday. I could agonize and drone on here about how worried I am about starting a new semester but I am choosing not to. Not for now at least. Anyway, the Salmon Crab salad at Kaizen was good. Really good, and I would order it again. Since I usually eat Japanese food at Excapade, as do most Bruneians, I don’t really know what to order when I’m at Kaizen. I’m glad I know at least one or two good dishes now. And I had a good time with my sisters – definitely.

So I had a good morning. In the afternoon, we went out again –  to look for a birthday present for our dad. However, something happened. It wasn’t anything big really, but it was enough to turn my mood sour. A stranger scolded us, over something so minor, and this little incident really spoiled the happy mood we were previously in.

I am not the best person to be in this kind of situation. My initial reaction was total and utter shock, then I felt angry, upset, scared, and anxious. Anger can be controlled, anger can go away, but anxiety, I do not have an easy control over. In the store, my sisters and I hid ourselves from him, avoided him out of fear of getting scolded again. I was anxious the whole time I was there. It’s not like I did it on purpose. And nothing happened. I really wish he had enough patience at the time to not scold us.

I wonder if he regrets the things he had said to us. I wonder if he regrets acting the way he had acted. I don’t know, I just hope that it ends there. I hope that there aren’t any grudges.

We did buy my dad’s gift, but until the end, we were careful as to not bump into him again. And we didn’t, thankfully.

After gift shopping I asked my sister whether we can stop by Coffee Bean, because I needed something to lift my spirits up and be happy. My sister told me to not think about it so much. And yeah, I did have a good day. I am not going to let one man spoil my good day.

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But I have to share it here. Because a lesson can be learned.

The lesson here is, to have patience, control your anger, and watch what you say and do. For you have no idea how your words and actions may affect other people. Like how his words affected me. I am very, very thankful that we just stayed quiet, and did not answer back to him and make it into an issue bigger than it actually was. I can imagine some people ending up in a fight in this kind of situation.

Silence really is the best answer, Alhamdulillah. Patience, patience.

And hey, this is my first blog post in 2017.

That’s it for now. I’ll go back to watching Supernatural. Or sleep.

Until next time.

– F.

Speak good or remain silent. – Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)