Canon 50mm 1.8 STM: First Impressions

Hello! This is my first post after my blog revamp. I really need to commit myself to blogging more often.

Commonly known in the photography world as the Nifty Fifty, after weeks of waiting, I finally have this DSLR lens on hand! Like most things here in this country, this lens, which many have said to be one of the cheapest, must-have, value for money prime lens in the market right now, is slightly (or more than slightly) overpriced. Oh Brunei.

On 365eStore (previously known as QQeStore), it is priced at BND318, whereas on the Brunei Camera Palnet Facebook page (which has been inactive for about a year, by the way), it is sold on a preorder basis, for BND238. I, however, managed to purchase the lens at approximately its actual price, BND177.

Really the best option for us photography enthusiasts here in this country is to order online, or purchase overseas. Luckily for me though, my cousin was coming back from the UK for Ramadhan, so she ordered it for me directly from Canon UK.

I have used this lens before for both photography and videography purposes, as one of my friends own the exact same lens. I did enjoy using it, so I contemplated on purchasing my own. I needed convincing though, needed actual, valid reasons before making the investment. So I did extensive research: watched youtube videos, looked at a lot of sample images and videos, read reviews, recommendations on why I should own a 50mm prime lens, and only then made up my mind. I was excited, and really looking forward to owning these lens.

As for my DSLR, I purchased my Canon 70D when I was studying abroad in 2015, and it came with an 18-200mm kit lens. The kit lens itself is already weighted at 595g, and the 70D is 755g: that’s way over 1kg! The Canon 50mm 1.8 STM lens is more than 400g lighter, at 160g. With the DSLR, it is still on the heavy side compared to a point-and-shoot, but it is definitely more travel friendly and on-the-go compared to using the kit lens.

Owning my own DSLR was (and still is) a dream come true for me. A dream I have had since forever. And one of the excuses I had for not bringing my 70D everywhere like I’m supposed to, is because of how heavy the camera and kit lens is. As you can imagine, it is quite the nuisance to carry around on a normal day. With the 50mm lens, I no longer have that excuse.

Below are some sample images I took this afternoon, post-processed using Lightroom:


With my student budget, the Canon 50mm 1.8 STM lens is definitely a worth it buy for those who cannot afford the more expensive options. It is very value for money, it is small and light, the bokeh is really nice, and also the autofocus speed is quite alright (I have tested the lens using video mode), all in all it is really a fun lens to have. I have yet to experiment with portraits and street photography though, and I am very excited about that.

It is worth to note that the lens does in fact, take time in getting used to, as for two years I have had the convenience of using my zoom lens. With the 50mm lens I have to move a lot to take the picture that I want. For the aperture range, I am sure it will be worth it. BOKEH!

It’s time for a new adventure, time to embrace one of the hobbies that I truly love. Here’s to falling in love again.

Until next time.



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