Goodbye, 2016

30 Seconds to Mars – The Fantasy

In less than half an hour, it’ll be 2017. I just want to put up a quick post before New Years so this will be a short one.

2016 has been quite a ride. I finished my degree, graduated with a BSc in Mathematics, and am now doing my Masters in a completely different field. An emotional roller coaster, definitely.

As for 2017, I hope that I would be a better person. A better daughter, sister, student, and a better friend. I hope that I would blog more consistently, paint more, study a little bit harder, be kinder. Express myself creatively. I hope I will regret less. And be happier.

Ten minutes to a brand new year. To the sceptics who don’t believe in “new year, new me”, in new years resolutions, live a little. There’s no harm in wanting a fresh start. After all, every day is a chance to better ourselves.

Until next time.

Hello, 2017.

– F.


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